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More than 35 years of development & technology experience !


For over 35 year NTZ designs, manufactures and markets highly efficient oil filtration products. Our products support governments, OEM’s, fleet owners as well as end-users around the world in achieving a better performance of their equipment, minimization of waste and overall savings on maintenance costs.

NTZ filters are high quality products designed for superior filtration of lubrication oil, thermal oil, transmission oil, transformer oil and furnace oil. Our filters ensure superior cleanliness of these fluids and the systems that use it through extreme fine filtration down to 0.5 micron, to obtain
the highest cleanliness standards thereby offering a wide
range of user benefits

Today the company produces bypass and inline micro filtration systems for engine, transmission and power steering application throughout the transportation industry, and hydraulic filtration systems for industrial and mobile applications. We’re continuously developing new micro filtration systems for applications of the future.